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Mobile Blogging–The Preventionist’s Best Friend

You arrive to a coalition meeting 20 minutes early. Traffic wasn’t as bad as you had predicted, so you have 15 minutes of free time. I can’t tell you the number of times I sat in the parking lot of the Bryan County Health Department mindlessly scrolling through Facebook with no purpose. Oh, if I’d only known then what I know now!

Just yesterday, a new friend on Twitter asked me if I ever blogged from my phone. If you’ll recall, back in May, I wrote my first mobile post. Admittedly, for me, mobile blogging is a little harder. The main reason is that my brain works faster than my fingers can text on a phone or tablet. Only on a real keyboard are my mad typing skills truly put to use (Thank you 8th grade keyboarding teacher, Mrs. Mason!). But as I sit here typing these words on my iPad, I realize that this could be a good thing. I must choose my words more slowly and deliberately, and in turn, it forces me to think slower. However, for many, texting comes more naturally than pecking away on a keyboard, so mobile blogging would be much easier for them.

I think that people often feel that posts have to be brainstormed, outlined, and edited before they can see the light of day. And while the former English teacher in me agrees with that, the preventionist who longs for more coalitions to use social media in me shouts, “POST! POST! POST!” As the real social media experts will tell you, there is a happy medium.

The WordPress app that I’m using autosaves as I’m writing. That means if I get pulled away in the middle of a thought (but that never happens in our line of work, right?), everything is going to be right where I left it when I come back. Furthermore, should I decide to pick it back up on my phone or desktop….


…there it is.

So even if you don’t have time to write a full post before your meeting, you can start on a draft and start that story that needs to be told!

I would love to hear your thoughts on mobile blogging. What are your experiences? What apps do you use? Do you, too, like blogging at Starbucks so you can feel like you fit in with all the other aspiring writers?


Now go forth and do good things!

P.S. In the name of transparency and Schadenfreude, I can tell you that while inserting the images in this post, I accidentally deleted the entire thing. Thanks to my advanced IT skills (aka, knowing how to Google), I found out that WordPress not only saves drafts, but moves deleted posts to the Trash, which allows an impatient too-tappy blogger to restore her work.