I’m a small town girl with big dreams of saving the world. Pretty simple, right? A native Oklahoman, I am currently carpetbagging in the beautiful state of Washington, where my husband is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I started this blog in hopes of connecting with others who promote the overall concept wellness and to exchange ideas about how we can integrate technology into our everyday work.

My journey into the field of substance abuse prevention began in 2004 when I was hired as a prevention specialist at Wichita Mountains Prevention Network in Lawton, OK and later moved on to the agency’s Ardmore, OK branch. During that time, I served as member and chairperson of the Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance, an advocacy organization which played an instrumental role in passing a statewide Social Host law in 2011.

Signing of HB1211–Statewide Social Host

In 2012, I was hired as a training coordinator for the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery within the Sate of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services. That position taught me a great deal about in-person and online training as well as other forms of professional development. It led me to explore the opportunities our field had to increase networking, collaboration, and shared learning through social media and technology.

My goal is to join together with others to take advantage of resources that are currently under-utilized in our field due to the misconceptions about their cost, difficulty level, or feasibility. Saving the world doesn’t seem like such a lofty goal when we live in a time that enables us to reach across the globe at the touch of a keystroke.


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