Look, Ma! No keyboard!

This blog will be about how I’m writing this blog. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered in the past with keeping up with a blog is finding time to write. In the evenings, my best ideas are but distant memories, or at most, a scribbled phrase on a notepad I keep in my purse. I can’t use my work computer for personal use (with good reason), so even if I could blog during my lunch hour, I have no means… Or do I? Enter the WordPress app! I’m currently typing this entry with my thumbs via an iPhone 3GS, because I’m old school like that (i.e. “cheap”). Autocorrect seems to be taking care of many spelling and typo issues, and it even aids in typing some words faster. Granted, not as fast as my fingers work, but not bad! What this really means is there’s really no excuse for me to not be writing in my free time. So long, excuses–Hello, technology!

And as an added bonus, I’ve even uploaded a test picture from my weekend getaway stop in Roslyn, WA. Enjoy, Northern Exposure fans!



About preventiongeek

Native Oklahoman carpetbagging in gorgeous Washington state. Passionate about using social media for good, e-learning, writing, positivity & robots. #FindTheYES

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